About Galabant

Galabant aims to provide a straight-forward, easy-to-use online dating service. I won’t over-complicate things or reduce the amount of people you can talk to with algorithms. I know that sometimes, opposites attract and sparks can fly with the last person you thought you’d be interested in-so I won’t hide anybody from you.There is no discrimination on this dating site, it’s not only about accepting young singles. I think everybody deserves love and should be given the same opportunity to find their true match. Especially when it comes to finding your perfect match, a broader community is always better. My trusted 24-hour service means that there are singles online at all times whether you’re a night-owl or a morning person, there’s always someone to connect with.
Ashley George


I created Galabant to provide an affordable, comfortable, and enjoyable online dating experience. Online dating should not be complicated and expensive. I want members to use my dating site with ease when looking for a potential love match. I hope you have a great time here at Galabant and hopefully find your soulmate.
“I know that dating sites can be scary, so I offer a money-back guarantee payment within your first month as a premium member. If you find Galabant is not for you, after all, I won’t be upset with you. It’s easy to sign-up, so it should be easy to leave- whether it’s because you’ve found true love, or just need a break, I understand.”